The Pet Crematorium

We have a bereavement suite set aside at the Sleaford surgery so you will have the time and space to say your farewells. We are experienced in dealing with this sad time so please talk to us as experience has shown us that no matter how well you think you will cope when the time comes, in reality it often hits you much harder than you expect unless you are properly prepared.

If your Pet should die at home and you do not want to bury him or her in your garden, we are also licensed to collect from your home so please give us a call. It is not nice to think of the demise of your Pet, but as we all know one sure thing about being an animal lover is that one day we will have to deal with this painful experience!

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KirksVets are now licensed both by DEFRA and the Environment Agency as a Pet Crematorium. This means we are able to offer all related services for your pet once the sad time comes to say goodbye.

We have a selection of caskets available if you would like your Pets ashes returned and have staff available to talk you through the entire process to try to make the experience as pain free as possible. As Vets and Nurses all our staff are passionate animal lovers and assure you that your faithful friend will receive the dignity and respect they deserve.

If it is a case of your Pet being put to sleep, we recommend that you talk to us before hand, so that all the arrangements can be made in advance to limit distress for you.

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